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The Legendary Tigerman - Femina

FEMINA, Tigerman´s masterpiece, the infamous and epical duets album from 2009, featuring Asia Argento, Maria de Medeiras, Peaches, Becky Lee, Rita Redshoes, Cais Sodré Cabaret, Lisa Kekaula, Claudia Efe, Phoebe Killdeer, Rita Braga, Cibelle, Dorit Chrysler and Mafalda Nascimento.


Life Ain't Enough For You - Feat. Asia Argento
These Boots Are Made For Walking - Feat. Maria de Medeiros
She's A Hellcat - Feat. Peaches
No Way To Leave On A Sunday Night - Feat. Becky Lee
Lonesome Town - Feat. Rita Redshoes
Song For B. Feat . Feat. Dorit Chrysler
Radio & TV Blues - Feat. Cais Sodré Cabaret
The Saddest Thing To Say - Feat. Lisa Kekaula
My Stomach Is The Most Violent Of All Italy - Feat. Asia Argento
Light Me Up Twice - Feat. Claudia Efe
& Then Came The Pain - Feat Phoebe Killdeer
The Wind Will Blow Everything - Feat. Rita Braga
I Just Wanna Know (What We're Gonna Do) - Feat. Cibelle
Old Fashioned Man - Feat. Becky Lee
Hey, Sister Ray - Feat. Rita Redshoes
Thirteen - Feat. Mafalda Nascimento
True Love Will Find You In The End - Feat. Cibelle

Recorded and Mixed by Nelson Carvalho
Produced by Paulo Furtado And Nelson Carvalho
Mastered by Andy Vandette

Munster Edition


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