• Image of How to Become Nothing
  • Image of How to Become Nothing

How to Become Nothing is a limited edition 12” LP featuring original songs and a 48 pages photography book by Rita Lino.

12'' LP Vinyl
All songs by Paulo Furtado aka The Legendary Tigerman
Side A: 20:35
01 Los Angeles, 05/05/2016
02 Dark is the Night
03 Rancho Dolores
04 Everything is Strangely Beautiful, and yet, Scary
05 Desert Girl
06 I Will Never Know Her Name

Side B: 23:27
01 Fade into Nothing
02 Everyday my Back Hurts
03 Hesperia
04 The Hilltop Inn & Suits
05 Victorville
06 The DDFD´S
07 A Little Black Tape Recorder
08 Zhe Dezzert is Pornographic

How To Become Nothing
Book by Rita Lino
48 pages, 30x22cm