• Image of The Rose the Moonlight and the dagger (lady fit)

Illustration - Marija Reikalas
ICONIC - Fruit of the loom

"A thousand dreams land on the forest in indigo dust. Two feline eyes of sapphire looking at you in wavelength of blue. In bright moonlight, tiger’s fur is shining and smooth. In the hands of a priestess the rose starts to bloom. Lay a silver dagger and a feather on the ground in the early morning mist. Circle is perfect, but the world isn’t round, and the misfits of the world are the only ones to know.

It’s not easy to write about images, most of all for a person who thinks in images, but my drawing is about misfits. It’s dedicated to them. The ones roaming lonely desert roads on their own, the ones following their instincts, the misunderstood, the inspired, the ones still awake and wild-eyed staring at the moon, the wanderers, explorers, the brave ones who can look straight into the eye of the coyote, the lost ones, the unquiet."


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